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Learner Licence Holder

Learner drivers MUST have a supervisor* whilst they practice their driving.

As a TEAM, we can provide the knowledge, skills and experience to ensure our learner driver doesn’t become a statistic for NZTA. Getting the supervisor fully involved from the beginning of the learners learning, improve this success. To encourage this TEAM effort, I whole heartedly support the “main supervisor” and encourage them to take an assessment prior to supervising to have an up-to-date understanding of what your learner is learning and also to spot any bad habits of your own so you don’t pass them onto the learner. I can/will then instruct and teach the learner in a quiet area until they are comfortable with controlling the car and build up their confidence before moving on to busier roads.

Restricted licence Holder

Drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident in their first 6 months of driving ‘alone’ due to a combination of inexperience, peer pressure (showing off) and facing high risk situations on their own.  Taking lessons with “Car & Code Driving School” your son/daughter will be on the right track to improve their skills, knowledge and gain driving experience in a range of driving conditions, a step in the right direction to becoming a better safer motorist.

Overseas conversions

Be prepared and ready to pass your NZ driving test and put the NZ Road Code theory into action.

Seniors/Mature students

To re-acquaint them with their skills and up skill if necessary (some road rules have changed since they passed their test). Sessions in their car are planned to encourage their confidence and keep them independent and safe behind the wheel.

What happens after booking

Learner /Restricted Licence Holders, Mature Students and Overseas Conversions

The client (driver) will be assessed (40-50minute drive, depending on ability) and given a confidential debrief on strengths/weaknesses and standards required for the Restricted/Full licence test (any extra time not used for assessing will be used for learning). A personal ‘Training Plan’ is then organized by your instructor. Each subsequent session will have a specific ‘Lesson Plan’ depending on objectives and skills to be taught. Time spent and lessons required are subject to the individual’s ability, and additional ‘private’ hours of practice between lessons.

Group Bookings: Clients must organise and agree the split of lessons between themselves. Full fee to be paid prior to first lesson. First session for all clients in group, must be in part, an assessment.

Seniors/Mature Students

A time and date are booked for the 1st session. The instructor will then meet you in a suitable location or at your address (if within Palmerston North or Fielding). The session will include:- Vehicle safety checks (under bonnet checks/exterior and interior check), ‘In the driver’s seat’ check, a 30 minute friendly coaching session which will cover the following skills – Signals and communication to other road users, controlling the car (gears/speed/steering/braking), Hazard identification and general interaction with other road users (lane use/ road position/ gap selection) finishing with a ‘confidential’ chat with feedback, suggestions and tips.