Congratulations! You have just taken the first step in becoming a more skilled, more knowledgeable and a safer motorist for New Zealand’s roads. Independence and freedom to travel awaits.

Driving is a necessity. It provides you with social freedom and is often a pre-requisite to employment. With an NZTA approved, NZQA qualified Instructor, Car and Code Driving School will prepare you with the skills necessary to pass your test(s), Adapt instruction and explanation of driving skills to suit every individual, build your understanding and confidence on the approach to potential hazards in a driving environment and support students to become better, safer drivers.

Catering for all levels of driver experiences. Those wanting to progress to the next level and those wanting to become better, safer motorists.

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A new learner licence holder needing experience/supervision/instruction? A learner licence holder wanting to pass the restricted licence? Want to reduce the tension when being supervised by family/friends?


A restricted licence holder wanting to gain the Full licence? A restricted licence holder who’s  licence is due to run out?  A restricted licence holder who is nervous? A returning driver wanting to get back some independence after a period of non-driving? A potential supervisor/coach for a member of the family new to driving? Have you held your restricted for more than 5 years? – pass your full licence before the new rule takes effect!

Overseas conversion

Be prepared and ready to pass your NZ driving test and put the NZ Road Code theory into action.

Mature Drivers (and those over 75yrs)

Are you a sibling/relative of a mature driver? – Keep them independent and safe behind the wheel. Are you a ‘nervous’ full licence holder? Are you intending to become a ‘supervisor’ for a younger relative?